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We use research to unveil group processes through creative collaboration in immersive environments. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, small business, or student organization, your team will work better together after a customized team-building session at EXIT Santa Cruz.

We can accommodate groups from 5 to 50 people. Each session includes a 1-hour escape room game and a session with our facilitator.


Play an escape room game and have a 30-minute discussion reflecting on your successes and challenges in the game. Useful for groups limited in time or budget. $50 per person


Play an escape room game and engage in a 60-minute debrief and dialogue on what your team experienced in the game and how you can improve your teamwork and collaboration on the job. Helpful for groups interested in insight into their group processes. $55 per person


Play an escape room game and then work with our facilitator for 90 minutes to reflect on your group process in the game and in general, strengthen your creativity and collaboration, and strategize for future improvement. Choose this option if your team wants to transform their working relationships for the better. $60 per person

Schedule your team-building event today by emailing [email protected].

Each session is customized to your team’s make-up and goals. We offer flexible scheduling with bookings during the work day. To get started, contact us with a description of your team and potential dates. We will ask you to pay a deposit to reserve your time, and a few days before your session, our facilitator will contact you to confirm final details.

Why are escape rooms great for team-building?

  1. They’re fun! If your group groans when they hear “team-building”, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to experience a new and exciting activity.
  2. We’re experts. Our team-building services are designed by Dr. Christy Byrd, a PhD in educational psychology, and our facilitator is Dr. Kelly Bloom, a PhD in Recreation and who has years of experience with diverse groups.
  3. Teamwork is required. Escape room games are inherently collaborative, so we’ll put your team to the test. Players must spread out to discover and complete the puzzles, but they’ll also need strong communication and organization to put everything together and finish in time.
  4. Strengths are revealed. The new environment and time limitations of escape room games reveal group dynamics that will make or break your organization. A team member might learn how their behavior interrupts the team’s flow while others discover hidden strengths. The discussion afterward further helps you understand what your team excels at and how they can improve.
  5. You’ll bond. Whether you complete the game in time or not, your team will learn to trust and appreciate each other and have memories that will last a lifetime.

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