Facilitation for Escape Room Owners

Dr. Christy Byrd

Are you an escape room owner looking to improve your team-building capacity? Check out our free webinar, and contact Christy to learn how you can maximize your bookings from corporate groups and organizations.

Our facilitator, Dr. Christy Byrd, has a PhD in education and psychology and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association. Her research focuses on inclusive teaching practices and creating positive learning environments. Her training and teaching emphasize students' active engagement in the learning process. In addition, she has nine years of experience facilitating workshops for students, staff, and community groups, most notably for the Program on Intergroup Relations at the University of Michigan. Even before embarking on escape room ownership, Christy designed interactive activities that provided excitement and learning at the same time.

Our work is based on Christy's extensive experience with diverse groups and knowledge of research-supported practices. Escape rooms offer a natural venue for team-building, but poor facilitation can lead to a disorganized and dissatisfying experience. When you work with us, Christy will assess your room's unique strengths and help you build the best experience possible. She can also provide training over the phone or in-person for owners and employees to ensure consistent implementation. Contact us now for more information: [email protected].

Facilitating Team-Building Sessions: A Guide for Escape Room and Exit Game Owner

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Download and print the assessment tools, handouts, and sample agendas from Facilitating Team-Building Sessions here.

Download the full color Think-Feel-Do figure from the Team-Building Handbook here.

Team-Building Workbook

Purchase the Team-Building Workbook from Amazon.com or other booksellers.

This book is designed to give you agendas and activities that can get you started on a team-building program right away. The first section reviews the basics from Dr. Byrd's first book, Facilitating Team-Building Sessions: A Guide for Escape Room and Exit Game Owners. The next section includes new material on how to determine your offerings and pricing. The remaining sections are useful forms, detailed agendas, and handouts for activities. This workbook includes new, exclusive material and is printed at a convenient size so you can easily make copies.