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sketch of cabinet with locksHow can your team be extraordinary?

Let’s talk about how your organization can improve your teamwork through cooperative problem-solving in an escape room game.

EXIT Santa Cruz’s research-based team-building services are the unique experience you need to exit the ordinary and become extraordinary.


We offer three session types and lengths. Each includes a 1-hour escape room game and a facilitated discussion: Gumshoe (30-minute discussion, $50 per person), Sleuth (1-hour discussion, $55 per person), or Investigator (90-minute discussion, $60 per person).

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What is team-building at EXIT Santa Cruz like?

We build skills

The new environment and time limitations of escape room games reveal the group dynamics that will make or break your organization. The discussion afterward will help your team understand what you excel at and how you can improve.

We’re flexible

With our 5 games of varying sizes, we can accommodate groups as small as 5 and as large as 50. Our facilitator customizes the activities and discussion for your group’s unique needs. Choose from three session lengths to fit your budget and goals. We offer flexible scheduling with bookings during the weekday, evenings, or on weekends.

We’re inclusive

Escape room games are enjoyed by a wide range of people. In our national survey of 442 adults who had played an escape room game in the past three months, 59% were women and 41% were men. 36% of respondents were aged 26-35 and 24% were aged 36-45.

We’re accessible

At EXIT, our games use a variety of skills, so players with disabilities can fully enjoy and contribute to the team. Those with limited mobility or who use wheelchairs can navigate our building and escape rooms with ease. All games include seating and low tables, and none require climbing, crawling, or navigating tight spaces.

We build teams

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