Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an escape room?

A: Escape room games are designed for groups of adults and teens, between 2-12 people each. You’ll enter a themed room and you have to use props and decorations to find clues, solve puzzles, and solve the mystery. Don’t think you’re good at puzzles? Don’t worry, skills of all different types are needed for the group to be successful! Read about our themes here.

Q: How much are tickets?

A: $29.99 per person. You can join our mailing list to hear about special promotions and discounts.

Q: Will I play with strangers?

A: Maybe. To reserve a private room you must book all of the spots in the room. Otherwise, other people will be able to book in the remaining spots.

We offer 20% off private rooms on weekdays before 6pm. To book with the discount, call us at (831) 316-4874 at least 24 hours in advance of when you want to play and ask for Sam.

Q: Can I cancel or reschedule?

A: Give us a call at (831) 316-4874 and we will do our best to accommodate you. We do not offer refunds, but we can give you a credit toward a future visit.

Q: Can I pay in cash or with a card when I get there?

A: You may call us at (831) 316-4874 to reserve over the phone. For groups of more than 2, we require payment in advance for at least 2 spots to hold the reservation. The rest of your group may pay when you arrive. Please note, that if you reserve and do not arrive within 10 minutes of your start time, we may cancel your reservation.

Q: What is the minimum age for players?

A: Escape room games are best enjoyed by players age 13 and above. Kids under 13 are welcome to play when accompanied by at least 1 adult 21 years of age or older per child under the age of 13 (you must purchase a separate ticket for them).

Q: Is it scary?

A: No, except for the Hole. Our other rooms have somewhat dark themes but do not contain jump scares or blood or gore. The Hole is intentionally intense and scary.

Q: How small are the rooms?

A: Fairly large! With the exception of the Hole, all of the rooms are large enough to hold 10-12 people comfortably.

Q: Do you offer discounts for groups?

A: No, but we can schedule a private event for groups of at least 10 people. Send us an email or call us at (831) 316-4874 for more information. Private events can be during our normal hours or during the week.

Q: What if I arrive late?

A: Players will not be admitted into the room once it has started. We do not offer refunds for late parties and recommend that players arrive at least 15 minutes before your game is scheduled to start.

Q: Where can I park?

A: We do not have our own parking lot, but we are located in downtown Santa Cruz, which has lots of street and garage parking. Check here for the nearest parking:

Q: Can I buy a gift card?

A: Yes, you can purchase gift cards here.

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